Brochures and Guides

Conducting Surveys: A Guide to Privacy Protection (PDF)

Provides advice to help public body staff ensure that surveys conducted by the public body comply with the privacy requirements of the FOIP Act.

Contractor's Guide to the FOIP Act (Brochure) (PDF)

Explains briefly how the FOIP Act affects companies and organizations that have contracts with government or local public bodies.

FOIP: A Guide (PDF)

Provides an overview of the FOIP Act and Regulation for the public and staff of public bodies.

FOIP Guidelines and Practices, 2009 Edition

Provides a comprehensive source of reference on the application of the FOIP legislation by public bodies in Alberta. Interprets the Act and Regulation with reference to rulings by the Information and Privacy Commissioner. Also sets out roles and responsibilities and offers guidance on approaches and procedures that are intended to assist in the effective administration of the Act. Also available for purchase from the Alberta Queen's Printer.

FOIP Tips for Planning a Municipal Census (PDF)

Offers tips for collecting, using, disclosing, protecting, retaining and disposing of personal information when planning a municipal census.

Guide for Developing Personal Information Sharing Agreements (PDF)

Considers issues related to the sharing of personal information by public bodies. Provides guidelines for drafting personal information sharing agreements.

Guide to Developing Privacy Statements for Government of Alberta Websites (PDF)

Designed to help managers develop and use privacy statements on their Government of Alberta websites and ensure that their sites comply with the privacy requirements of the FOIP Act.

Guide to Identifying Personal Information Banks (PDF)

Describes how public bodies can identify personal information banks as required by the FOIP Act. Also available is a Microsoft Access 2003 database that public bodies can use to produce their directories of personal information banks. To download the database, right click here (MS Access) and save the file to your computer or network drive. To download the database instructions right click here (PDF).

Guide to Providing Counselling Services in School Jurisdictions (PDF)

Provides guidance to counsellors employed by school boards on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, as well as the exercise of rights by parents and guardians. While the focus is on schools, the guide is also applicable to counselling services in other settings.

Guide to Using Surveillance Cameras in Public Areas (PDF)

Designed to assist public bodes in deciding whether collection of personal information by means of a surveillance camera is both lawful and justifiable. 

Human Resources Guide for Local Public Bodies (PDF)

Provides guidance for human resources staff in local public bodies on identifying information that can be routinely released upon request. Also outlines considerations when disclosing information under section 40 of the FOIP Act, and when responding to a request made under the FOIP Act.

The Right to Information and the Right to Privacy (Brochure) (PDF)

Briefly explains for the public the purposes of the FOIP Act and provides general instructions on how to make a request for information. 

Using and Disclosing Personal Information in School Jurisdictions (PDF)

Discusses how school boards may collect, use and disclose student and parent information as part of the student registration process. Sample forms are included.