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Minister of Service Alberta

The Minister of Service Alberta is responsible for the province-wide administration of Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Role of Data, Information and Privacy Services Division

Data, Information and Privacy Services Division consists of three Branches - FOIP Operations, Policy and Administration, and Data, Information and Records Services.

FOIP Operations Branch is responsible for overseeing delivery of access to information and protection of privacy services in accordance with the applicable legislation, policies and processes to enable compliance with the FOIP Act for all government departments (except for Health) and some ABCs. The activities of FOIP Operations include ensuring timely and accurate responses to access requests, reviewing information being proactively disclosed for privacy considerations, providing privacy advice and assisting in privacy incidents and compliance including coordinating and advising on Privacy Impact Assessments.

Policy and Administration Branch is responsible for content management policy instruments (for data, information management, FOIP and privacy), governance support, training and compliance activities across the Government of Alberta, as well as providing strategic planning.

Data, Information and Records Services Branch is responsible for supporting the government-wide data and information management program and includes leadership, strategic direction and delivery of services related to the governance and management of data, content management, information and records.

Role of Related Offices

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

The Commissioner has a broad mandate for ensuring that organizations comply with Alberta's access and privacy laws, specifically the FOIP Act, Health Information Act (HIA), and PIPA. The Commissioner also collaborates with stakeholders to educate the public, organizations and agencies subject to the legislation and responds to complaints from individuals.