Update driving documents

How it works

You have to update your driver’s licence or vehicle registration within 14 days of a change to your personal information.

You must apply at a registry agent in person with identification to have your name and\or address changed on your driver’s licence and/or vehicle registration within 14 days of the change taking place.
The registry agent will keep your old licence and give you a temporary licence to use until your new licence arrives in the mail. Canada Post cannot forward your licence to another address.

A change of name or address has an associated fee but if you request an early renewal of your driver’s licence or vehicle registration, you’ll only pay the renewal fees and there will be no additional cost for the address and\or name change.

Contact this service

780-427-7013, toll free dial 310-0000 first in Alberta

8:15 am - 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

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