Parking for people with disabilities

How it works

A parking placard allows a person to use disabled parking stalls that are closer to the entrances.

A parking placard allows people who cannot walk 50 metres (164 feet) to use disabled parking stalls.

The placards are issued to individuals who provide proper proof that they meet the requirements.

There are 3 types of parking placards:

  1. a temporary placard, issued for between 3 and 12 months
  2. a long-term placard, issued for 5 years
  3. a permanent placard that can be renewed every 5 years by the client without additional medical certification

You may have a maximum of 1 placard for each vehicle registered in your name.

Licence plate option

You can also get a licence plate that contains the official disabled driver logo. An applicant requesting plates must have the vehicle(s) registered with the name of the person with the disability on the vehicle registration.

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