Information for businesses

Licensing requirements

It is illegal to operate without a proper business licence or a registration. In the context of Alberta’s consumer protection laws, some businesses are also required to provide a security, follow specific contract rules, or hold additional licences that reflect specific business practices such as direct sales or prepaid contracting. Additionally, some licences are specific to products or services such as a vacuum seller or a fencing contractor.

Direct sales licence

This licence is for businesses that are negotiating or concluding sales in customers’ own homes such as door-to-door sales.

Prepaid contracting licence

This licence is for businesses that are taking deposits for the work they will be doing. Most often these businesses can be found in the home building and renovating sector.

All licensing requirements are in place to ensure adequate protections for your customers as well as to protect your business reputations.

View the licence list to learn more about licences for specific businesses.