Bulletin No. 1: Fee Estimates (PDF)

Provides an overview of the fee structure in the FOIP Act and Regulation, and explains when a fee estimate is required, what services a public body can charge for, how to prepare a fee estimate, the effect of the estimate on time lines, and processes for deposits and payment of fees.

Bulletin No. 2: Fee Waivers (PDF)

Discusses the rationale for fees and fee waivers, the way the FOIP Act and Regulation apply to the processing of a request that may involve a fee waiver, and matters to be considered when deciding whether to grant a request for a fee waiver, including the application of the FOIP Act's "public interest" provision.

Bulletin No. 3: Access to Manuals and Guidelines (PDF)

Offers guidance on managing access to manuals, handbooks and other guidelines used by public bodies in decision-making processes that affect the public.

Bulletin No. 4: Disclosure of Personal Information "Not Contrary to the Public Interest" (PDF)

Explains how section 17(2)(j) and section 17(3) work, in conjunction with section 40(1)(b), with respect to disclosure under Part 2 of the FOIP Act, and how these provisions apply when a public body processes a request for personal information under Part 1 of the Act.

Bulletin No. 5: Fund-Raising (PDF)

Explains the provisions of the FOIP Act that govern fund-raising by public bodies, including the limitations that apply, and proposes some best practices for fund-raising.

Bulletin No. 6: Records of Elected and Appointed Officials of Local Public Bodies (PDF)

Explains how the FOIP Act applies to records of elected and appointed officials of local public bodies.

Bulletin No. 7: Law Enforcement (PDF)

Describes the way the FOIP Act applies to law enforcement, including definitions of law enforcement terms; responding to requests for law enforcement information; the collection, use and disclosure of personal information for law enforcement purposes; and practical tips on the creation and management of law enforcement records.

Bulletin No. 8: Common or Integrated Programs or Services (PDF)

Explains the FOIP Act's provisions for disclosure of personal information for the purpose of delivering a joint program or shared service, and suggests measures for protecting privacy when planning these initiatives.

Bulletin No. 9: Burden of Proof (PDF)

Explains which party has the burden of proof in an inquiry before the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and how a party meets the burden of proof.

Bulletin No. 10: Third Party Notice (PDF)

Explains when and how third party notice should be given, and offers some practical suggestions to ensure compliance with the notice provisions (sections 30 and 31) of the FOIP Act.

Bulletin No. 11: Paramountcy (PDF)

Explains the concept of paramountcy, the circumstances in which another Act may need to prevail over the FOIP Act, and how a FOIP Coordinator should approach a request under the FOIP Act when paramountcy may be involved.

Bulletin No. 12: E-mail: Access and Privacy Considerations (PDF)

Highlights the access and privacy protection issues raised by e-mail.

Bulletin No. 13: Business Contact Information (PDF)

Offers guidance on the collection, use and disclosure of business contact information under the FOIP Act.

Bulletin No. 14: FOIP Amendment Act, 2003 (PDF)

Explains the amendments to the FOIP Act that were made in 2003 and offers guidance on interpreting the new and amended provisions.

Bulletin No. 15: Disclosure of Personal Information to Unions: Before a First Agreement (PDF)

Discusses the effect of a series of decisions made in 2002 by the Alberta Labour Relations Board on the issue of whether the FOIP Act is a barrier to disclosing employee personal information to a bargaining agent.

Bulletin No. 17: Consent and Authentication (PDF)

Explains the provisions for consent in the FOIP Regulation and provides guidance with respect to the policies or "rules" that public bodies must establish in order to accept consent electronically or orally.

Bulletin No. 18: FOIP Amendment Act, 2006 (PDF)

Explains the rationale for amendments made to the FOIP Act in 2006 and offers guidance on applying the new and amended provisions.

Bulletin No. 19: Ministerial Expense Claims (PDF)

Provides guidance on applying the exceptions to the right of access when releasing travel expense claim records in response to a FOIP request.