Make a FOIP Request

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("the FOIP Act") provides access to information held by public bodies which is not available by other means, and allows individuals to request correction of their own personal information that a public body holds.

A new online service is now available to submit general and personal FOIP requests to Government of Alberta departments (excluding Health*). This new service replaces the existing online request form. The FOIP Request Service allows applicants to submit and track FOIP requests, pay fees, provide identification and documents, and receive response packages – all within a secure environment.

*You can still submit a FOIP request to the Department of Health only, through the MyAlberta eServices web page. Make a request for general or personal information to here.

Sometimes information is available without having to make a formal FOIP request. Contact the FOIP Office of the public body who has the records to find out how to best access the information you want. Our directory allows you to search any FOIP Office for contact information.