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Dealing with complaints against your business

Service Alberta answers hundreds of consumer inquiries each day, ranging from simple clarifications about latest purchases to requests for formal complaints against businesses.

As a business, you have an important role in helping consumers address problems and reduce complaints. Here are some suggestions you can adopt as part of your customer service practices:

  • Answer phone calls and respond to e-mails, reviews or complaints that come directly to you. Simply being in communication with a concerned consumer shows intent to get to the bottom of an issue.
  • Know your obligations under the consumer protection laws.
  • Make sure you have sufficient records of dealings with your customers. Keeping receipts, signed agreements and up-to-date calendars can help in sorting the facts and will be helpful should a complaint lead to an investigation.

You should also note that:

  • Every consumer complaint is reviewed to determine if it’s a potential offence of consumer protection laws and if an investigation is warranted.  
  • Should an investigation proceed, the best response a business can have is to cooperate fully to ensure all details of the situation can be considered by consumer investigations.
  • If a complaint does not warrant an investigation, no administrative action will be taken against the business.