drivers and motor vehicles

Service Alberta is responsible for providing numerous motor vehicle and related services through the registry agent network. Motor vehicles services include driver and vehicle licensing, motor vehicle searches, driver’s abstracts, payment of fines, and personalized licence plate applications and many more. The ministry also oversees Alberta’s expansive Motor Vehicle Database. Service Alberta administers motor vehicle programs jointly with Alberta Transportation.

Programs and Services

Access to Motor Vehicle Information

Alberta has legislation specifically designed to protect your personal information. The 'Access To Motor Vehicle Information Regulation' deals specifically with information kept on the motor vehicles database, its use and who may access the data. Read more

Change of Name, Address or Sex

There are three types of name changes: a legal name change, an assumed name change through marriage and reverting to a birth (maiden) name. Read more

Driver's Abstracts

Your driver abstract can show the last 3, 5 or 10 years of your driving history. It will show you licencing status as well as any infractions and demerit points. Read more

Driver's Licence

Alberta has 7 classes of operator's licences. Applications for operator's licences must meet identification and residency requirements. Read more

Identification and Residency Requirements

When you apply for a motor vehicle service, your registry agent must verify your identity through a stricter identity confirmation process.  Read more

Identification Card

A photo identification card is available to an Alberta Resident who does not or cannot hold a valid Alberta operator's licence. Recent changes to Alberta Legislation lowered the minimum age for applicants from 14 years to 12 years of age. Read more

Online Services - Fine Payments and Registration Renewals

Information about using our online services to pay fines and renew your registration. Read more

Parking for People with Disabilities

A parking placard and/or disabled licence plate enables those unable to walk 50 metres (150 feet) to use specially designated parking facilities. The placards are issued to individuals who provide proof of eligibility under this program. Read more

Serving Court Documents

The service of documents in Alberta is regulated by the Alberta Rules of Court and the Provincial Court Act. Depending on situation you may use different methods of service and you may have to present different documents to the court. Read more

Travel Documents and Identification

As of June 1, 2009, Canadian and U.S. citizens are required to present additional documents to cross the borders by land or sea. These documents may include a Passport (used for travel/identification), NEXUS Card (used for travel/identification) or the FAST/EXPRESS Card for drivers, carriers and importers (used for land and sea travel).  Read more

Vehicle Licence Plate and Registration

There are different registrations requirements depending on your residency status. Some of the services provided are vehicle and trailer registrations, veterans licence plates, parking placards for person with disabilities, intransit permits, address changes, cancellations and imported vehicles. Read more