Condominium Property Amendment Act

Update - Fall 2015

First phase of regulations

Service Alberta is currently developing regulations to support amendments contained in the Condominium Property Amendment Act, which received Royal Assent in December 2014.

These regulations are the first set of amendments the Government of Alberta intends to bring into force as part of a multi-phase Condominium Property Amendment Act. This first phase of amendments focuses on new measures to protect buyers of newly built and converted condominiums. Consumers will benefit from enhanced purchase disclosure at the point of sale, including an occupancy date for their unit, realistic operating budget and estimated condo fees.

Other enhancements include trust money safeguards and cancellation rights for certain long-term contracts entered into by the developer. New and existing condominium owners will also benefit from improved rules that ensure a smooth transition from the developer to the owner-elected board of directors.

Following the completion of the first phase of regulations, work will begin on subsequent phases:

Phase 2: Insurance, property repair and maintenance obligations, corporation governance, and reserve funds
Phase 3: Proclamation of amendments to the Real Estate Act, designating the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) as regulator of the condominium management sector, as well as amendments to real estate regulations to support RECA's new regulatory framework (see below for more information)
Phase 4: Creation of a condominium dispute tribunal

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Condominium manager licensing and regulations

Regulation of condominium managers is an integral part of enhancing the legislative framework governing condominiums and protecting consumers in Alberta. When amendments to the Condominium Property Act  take effect, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) will be responsible for setting standards, licensing and regulating individuals who provide condominium management services.

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Passage and Royal Assent

On December 10, 2014, the Condominium Property Amendment Act was passed in the legislature.

This new legislation is the result of an extensive review focused on modernizing Alberta’s condominium laws and setting a framework that supports responsible self-governance of condominium corporations.

The changes to the Condominium Property Act will:

  • improve protection for purchasers;
  • improve protection for existing owners;
  • enhance board transparency and accountability;
  • allow for efficient governance;
  • raise standards in Alberta’s condominium management sector; and
  • enhance dispute resolution.

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Consulting with Albertans

Service Alberta has been committed to ensuring that changes to condominium legislation and regulations reflect the input of Albertans.

Click here for a summary of the consultation process for the Condominium Property Amendment Act.