Update driving documents

Change name or address information

If you change your name or address, you’ll need to update your driver’s licence and vehicle registration through a registry agent and provide supporting documentation.

Change your address

When you change your address, you must provide both your physical and mailing address within Alberta.

Physical address

A physical address can be:

  • a street address
  • a legal land description
  • a rural 911 address (with a reference street or avenue, address unit and access road)

Mailing address

A mailing address can be:

  • a physical address including postal code
  • a PO Box address including postal code

If Canada Post has changed your address or postal code, they’ll issue you a notice of the change. If you have one of these notices, there will be no charge to change your address on your driving documents.

Change your name

When changing your name, you’ll need to provide supporting documents to the registry agent to prove that your name change is legal.

Married name

To change to a married name, you’ll need:

  • a marriage certificate issued by government, or
  • a civil marriage statement

Common law relationship

To change to a common law relationship name you’ll need:

  • a signed Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement, or
  • a statutory declaration stating that you have lived with the other person for at least 3 years, or
  • a statutory declaration stating that you are in a stable relationship with your partner and there is a child from the relationship (by birth or adoption)
    • you’ll need to provide documentation of the child

Legal Change of Name

If you have legally changed your name, provide a Legal Change of Name Certificate.

Changing back to a previous name

If you’re changing your name back to a previous name, you’ll need to provide:

  • a marriage certificate or divorce certificate
  • a birth certificate