Registries Online

Registries Online

Registries Online (ROL) is a web-based interface that provides authorized subscribers with a single point of electronic access to the Corporate Registry Computer System (CORES) and the Personal Property Registry Computer System (APPRES). Subscribers include real estate offices, law firms, financial institutions, and automobile dealerships.

Access to the registry databases may consist of 'search' access of one or both of the systems or it may extend to search and registration access. Registries Online Access - Eligibility, Application, and Termination sets out the criteria to become a subscriber. Note that ROL subscribers are prohibited from reselling or redistribution of data and retrieval of data on behalf of third parties. Only authorized registry agents are permitted to resell or redistribute data from the registry systems.

Classroom-based training for search and/or registration services of the two registry systems is available through MacEwan University Continuing Education and eLearning is available through the Alberta Association of Registry Agents. Refer to the respective websites for additional information about fees and training. Note that Service Alberta accepts no liability for search or registration errors made by ROL subscribers.

Corporate Registry Computer System (CORES)

The Corporate Registry System (CORES) contains information on corporations, non-profit companies, societies, and business names, e.g. partnerships and trade names, registered in Alberta. In addition to searching for information stored in the Corporate Registry database, ROL subscribers can submit orders for copies of imaged documents filed with Corporate Registry.

Registration of most corporation and business name documents is restricted to accredited individuals working in authorized service provider offices, such as registry agents and law firms. To learn more about the process for becoming accredited, see Accreditation/Certification.

Personal Property Information System (APPRES)

The Personal Property Information System (APPRES) is a registry of information regarding security interests (such as liens) and other types of registrations pertaining to personal property under certain Alberta statutes. These registrations contain debtor, creditor/secured party, and collateral information. The information is available to anyone who requests a search.

Registration access is restricted to individuals that have achieved accreditation through the Registries’ Personal Property Registry training and accreditation program. See Accreditation/Certification for more information.

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